The Easy to Learn Art of Making a Podcast

A podcast is a recorded conversation. It is an audio piece (sometimes accompanied by video) in which the host tackles a subject or a series of related subjects usually with no script. The appeal of this format is that the listener gets the sense of having a natural conversation. Podcasts can be made with a lot of goals in mind: to edducate, to discuss a subject or they can work as a periodic blog.

When making a podcast there are some general steps you can follow. Not all podcasts are the same and therefore they all follow a very different creative and technical development. But in broad terms, one first starts by thinking what subject to discuss. Once the subject is chosen, it must be dissected into several smaller topics. These will serve as a guide to follow while recording. Remember not to script too much of the conversation and go from one topic to the next one with natural transitions. Remember to have water near you during your recording session to help with the long periods of talking.

Once you finish recording, you have to edit your podcast. There are several softwares you can use to achieve this. I would recommend using Audacity, because it’s free and is very simple and intuitive. You can record your podcast with the voice recorder of your phone or directly into the program, which makes it very convenient. The interphase is simple to use and has easy to understand captions for all the functions and buttons, and since it is a very popular software there are tutorials online for virtually every single problem or doubt you might encounter. Other programs that you can use are IMovie (for Mac users) and Camtasia, which are both great but lean more into video capture, so I would only recommend them if you are planning on using visual aids during your podcast.

After adding everything that you wanted (maybe and intro/outro song, sound effects, background music) export it as and .mp3 or .mp4 depending on the type of podcast you decided to make and share it with people who might be interested in listening to it. Youtube is a great place to both store and share your podcast and it is an incredibly popular platform, Once you share it, you can read the feedback from your viewers and plan accordingly for your next project.

I want to leave you with a podcast I made a couple of years ago. Disclaimer: the content of the podcast includes statements that do not reflect my current views on the subject. Also, it is a bit cheesy and over the top, but it was just an activity I made when I myself was learning to use Audicity, but I still like how it came to be, even if it is a bit rough around the edges. Hope you find it useful.

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